How to configure ethernet?

Hey guys,

Just bought a couple of Olimex boards w/ ethernet because I noticed WLED supports ethernet now (yay!).

Can’t figure out how to configure ethernet IP address though.

What am I missing?



Are you using an Ethernet build of wled? It would need to compiled for it.

Ok, successfully compiled the latest code with default_envs of esp32_eth. The GUI shows a selection for ethernet (WESP32, ESP32-POE and WT32-ETH0), but I still can’t configure an IP address :joy:

Help is appreciated! (very new to coding in general)

All right, figured it out. Downloaded and compiled the dev branch, and the ESP finally received an IP address from my DHCP server. Down hill from there.

Must say I’m truly amazed by WLED.

As you noticed, unlike WiFi, there is no configuration for the ethernet network settings. Thus, static IP addresses for ethernet are currently not supported by WLED, although you can assign static IP addresses on your DHCP server.

This is actually on my list of things to add, although I will likely be slow learning how the HTML changes would need to occur.