WT32-ETH01 - does it work


I have read through the forum and seen various chats about ethernet. I’m a little lost

Does wled work with WT32-ETH01? Or any other premade boards.

If not is there any plans to make it run on these boards… Is it the same binary or a different one?

Yes I know there is a shield, but would be good if these could be used.



Yes, it is supported!
Just head over to http://install.wled.me and tick the box My board has Ethernet. (or flash the binary ending in ESP32_Ethernet).
Once installed, you’ll need to connect to WLED-AP once and set the Ethernet Type in the bottom of WiFi settings to WT32-ETH01.

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Awsum! Thanks

[[NOTE: while the WT32-ETH01 is supported, I have stopped trying to use this board, due to reliability/reboot/lockup issues.]]

With current builds running on a clean-installed build (no EEPROM settings, fresh boards), you may need to perform some steps in a specific order:

  1. Follow normal setups steps until you are able to connect via Wi-Fi (access point mode or on your network, doesn’t matter)
  2. BEFORE enabling ethernet, set the pin used for LEDs to another value
  3. AFTER changing the GPIO/pin used for LEDs, then you can enable ethernet at the bottom of the Wi-Fi configuration page.

The reason the order of these steps matter, is that the default pin for LEDs is IO16. Current builds allocate the pin to the LEDs before configuration of ethernet, which causes no end of problems with ethernet working. I have a PR pending with a fix for this configuration problem, that gives priority to the ethernet configuration.

Two other minor things to be aware of:

  1. The LEDs on the WT32-ETH01 ethernet port may not light up, even if ethernet is working. I haven’t investigated the cause of this.

  2. There is currently no support for static network settings on the ethernet port. Not an issue for typical home use, but if using on an isolated “show” network, you’ll need to ensure there is a DHCP server.

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Is it possible to set an IP yet on this?

I’ve read a few things that there an issue with the board and wled power off… An issue with a pin assignment?

Is there a custom compile for this, or does one of the betas work with it? The github says custom compile…