ESP32-ETH01 board

How can I tell if I am connecting via the WiFi connection or the Ethernet connection when using the ESP32-ETH01.

I have loaded the _Ethernet version of WLED on the board, and I have changed the Ethernet Type setting in the configuration to the ESP32-ETH01 choice.

I see activity via the activity light on the ethernet connection, but when I look at the connected devices on my router, it still shows the MAC address as being connected to the WiFi.

What am I missing here?



You would have 2 connections ( IP )on wled apps, one for wifi and one for ethernet. If not, connect your ethernet cable to the board, search and add new device in wled, etho1 should show up with difference IP than the one on wifi. Keep them both in wled if you want to use both way

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In your screenshot, it looks like you have 2 IP addresses assigned, I’m guessing it’s one for the WiFi connection and one for the Ethernet connection. How/where do I set the second IP address. I’m guessing that because I don’t have the second IP set, it’s not going to see the ethernet connection.

Why would you want it connected via ethernet and WiFi? That could cause some funky thing to Happen if on the same network and using another protocols to control it.

My understanding of that board is that it’s the same IP on the WiFi connection or ethernet. And if ethernet was plugged in the WiFi dint work… Or has there been an update?

Please can you explain how to set the second ip for the ethernet connection?