How to have 200+ segments

Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to set up 150 or so segments in WLED. I followed a tutorial to get 1800 leds working with a ESP32 and WLED. However I would like to have 150 different segments and I appear to be limited to 32 in WLED. I don’t need to do any effects, I just want to be able to set the solid color for 150+ segments individually, so I am not worried about lag. What do I need to do to be able to have that many segments? I would like the preset buttons in wled to work to change the solid colors of these segments simultaneously as well. I don’t know if I need to split my data somehow, or have additional esp32s, or change some code. I know nothing about coding but could hopefully follow a very very detailed tutorial if one exists. Thank you for your help!

Unfortunately even with ESP32 you win not squeeze more than 60+ segments out of ESP.
And you will need to adjust multiple locations to achieve that.

Sounds like a single segment and this JSON API - WLED Project would do you just fine

Hello! Thank you for the quick responses. However, I followed that json link and am very confused. I literally no nothing about programming. Is there a tutorial for what you were saying might work? Or is there hardware besides the ESP32 that I can buy that can make my plan work?

Thank you!

There is no programming involved. Just create a JSON API (in Windows notepad or similar) and paste it into WLED preset.

Again I appreciate the help but this solution is too technically beyond me. I would have no idea what to change in that example json file and no idea how to paste it into a wled preset. I don’t know how to interact with wled presets except in the app. Is there any simpler solution?

Refer to the WLED WIKI for the JSON API command / response relationships. You can get WLED to spit out the current configuration in a JSON format by asking for it (see the wiki for what URL to request).
There is no brain-power required other than the ability to read, and persist. That’s all it really will take for your example… persistence.
Of course, you can use WLED with xLights and it can simulate segments on your behalf. But, xLights is way more complicated than the JSON API and yet people every year manage to built fantastic light shows for the very first time.
Nobody is going to do it for you because it’s using up precious free time for someone who seemingly is not willing to put in the effort themselves.
I believe you (and anyone else capable of dreaming up an application like yours) can learn the json api by reading it over - perhaps 5 times, watching a couple json api YT videos, and starting small with 1 segment, then 2, then 10, then 100, then 200, then +.