How to make our app like WLED

Fantastic job on WLED! We are having lotsa fun putting ESP32 modules in boxes that connect to power and led strings.

In an unrelated ESP32 project, we wrote some code that implements a web server as a Wi-Fi Access Point for controlling model trains.

We would like to make our app like WLED where it lets users connect via a local network with WLED identified as “lights.local” or some alias like that.

How does that work?

Hi and welcome to the forum ,

Since you have a web server , Look at this , I hope it helps

I would also like to see your code for my own unrelated project

Hi Al,
Thanks for the help.
I think what I was looking for is dhcp_hostname. Is that something you used?

Did you want to see my code? It’s on another computer, I can send it.


I am not clear on your goal but I have all my MCUs/IoT on static from the router side and I do not use dhcp because I lose track of the devices as I have many of them .
Is the below what you are looking for ?