HTTPS requests to an API not working in WLED

I’ve been trying to make HTTPS requests to the Google API within WLED. I’ve built some working code that works perfectly without WLED code using the setInsecure() method, but as soon as I try to use it with WLED it fails to connect. Any thoughts as to what’s going on or any restrictions for HTTPS? Appreciate any help.

You’ll have to post some more details for anyone to see exactly what you’re doing. Your description is pretty vague as there are many details in working with the WLED API.

Please don’t post the same question multiple times, this is a free service and people will help as they have time and/or inclination.

I apologize for the lack of details… What I’m trying to achieve is create a user mod that makes a web request to the Google API and use the received info to control a certain lighting setting. I’ve got the HTTPS web request code working in a separate project without WLED, but when I try to add it as a user mod in WLED, it fails to make an HTTPS connection with the Google API.

Will upload user mod code when I’m at my PC