HTTPS Restrictions in WLED?

Hello WLED-Friends,

im trying to customize my working usermod (simple http-POST request to my own API-server) to use HTTPS instead. Im using the method “setInsecure()” so the esp8266 doesnt have to check the certificate, which is fine!

Lets get to the problem here:
When Im running my customized version (https) on the WLED-Device (Wemos D1 mini) , I wont get a HTTP Response Code. When trying to run the code on a “fresh” D1 mini, not as a usermod of WLED, everything works fine.

Are there any known restrictions when using https (without checking for the certificate/fingerprint)?

Already trying to find a solution for 2 weeks.
Some help would be very appreciated!

Best Regards

It does not even work when I try using the official example from:

I assume something is blocking the whole HTTP-procedure.

It says it expires on June 2, 2021. Unless you can configure devices trying to communicate via https to have a date prior to June 2, 2021, and manually set the date on WLED to the same date as those devices, you will need to wait for the above Demo URL fingerprint to be updated (or update it yourself).