Looking for newer version of WLED_0.13.3_esp8266_display.bin

@srg74 what is the most recent version of the esp8266 firmware that has working display code for the SSD1306?

I’ve got a WLED Wemos Shield with a Wemos D1 board (ESP8266) running with a SSD1306 OLED display successfully using “WLED_0.13.3_esp8266_display.bin”.

[Will srg74 "display" custom compile work as-is with SSD1306 128x32 & 128x64 OLED displays?](https://reference here:)

I ask because I tried the most recent Aircookie ESP8266 firmware with display in it, and it does NOT work with the display.


After updating to this version the display is black. If I roll back to “WLED_0.13.3_esp8266_display.bin” the display works again.

Advice appreciated,

The New WLED 0.14.2-b1 “Hoshi” got full Display support on the wemos D1 8266
even the Scrolling text workes pretty fine
use this one
and flash it from https://install.wled.me/ direct via browser

Just double checked and usermod is working fine. Please check out your settings for usermod.

With 0.13.3, (display works) my Usermod Settings are:

And the 4-line display shows:
wifi SSID, IP address, preset name, and brightness setting.

I reloaded [WLED_0.14.2-b1_esp8266_display_rotary.bin]
The Usermod Settings are:

Now, I’m getting something - a WLED logo.
How do I get the lines of data back on the display?

Do you have an SPI display or I2C?

I’ve got an SSD1306 128x32 i2c display: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F9F8BYB

As you saw, 4LineDisplay settings for the 0.13.3 firmware were set to Type 1, and the SSD1306 display was working.
I found a page that shows a Type 1 display is an SSD1306 (i2c).

After changing the 4LineDisplay settings, clicking Save and Rebooting, several times, the display changed to data. It’s somewhat different data than in 0.13.3 firmware.
Are there controls to customize what data is shown?

Are there controls to customize what data is shown on the display?