SSD1306 OLED - display options?

I’ve been loading the custom comiples of WLED code with “display” in the title in order to support a SSD1306 128x32 i2c-based OLED display.

I noted that the displayed information changed from WLED version 0.13.3 to version 0.14.3.
Is there a way to control what information is displayed on the SSD1306 OLED display in version 0.14.3?

Hi @mr-neutron
Why in the World woudt you like to control this to WLED
see here Movie to SSD1306 via ESP8266

no, the old usermod was discontinued

The custom complie versions with OLED display support ARE still being made by Aircookie.
I put a link to the current custom compiles in the first post.
I am running version 0.14.3 right now and it is displaying information, but its not the same information as in previous versions.
The attached pictures show what was displayed and what is now displayed.
It was nice to have the IP address displayed.

Can you clarify what you mean by “the old usermod was discontinued”?
Do you mean that the the display related code was changed and the previously displayed data is no longer being displayed in the current versions?

You linked to repository maintained by @srg74 which is not affiliated with Aircoookie. He provides binaries for custom builds which are not part of default/official builds.

As I said the old usermod (which you used in 0.13) was discontinued and removed. It was replaced with a newer version which is now maintained by me.

If you want to keep the old look, you will need to downgrade to 0.13.3.