HUB75 support for P3/P5 RGB Matrix

Hi again,
as I wrote in another post, I am using WS2812B in matrices for a few years now for
party purpose. First with diamex USB controllers and Jinx! and now switched to
D1 mini and WLED and it is working great. Now I tested some P3 RGB matrix
with 2dom PxMatrix, but it has no tpm2(dot)net or art(dot)net support and it is not as easy
as WLED. So my question: Is it maybe possible to add Hub75 support to WLED?
I am no programmer, so I do not know, how difficult this would be. But there are
(very expensive) mcu-pcbs in the net doing right this (tpm2(dot)net --> Hub75), so it should work.

In fact i had an experimental fork of WLED at some point which supported PxMatrices.
Indeed it should be possible to support them (albeit it takes a LOT of memory, so maybe an ESP32 only feature)
I believe once I add 2D effects for WS2812b matrices, it would be worthwhile to revisit it and add support for PxMatrix to WLED as well! I would love to have relatively cheap 64x32 matrices to be able to run WLED :slight_smile:
Thank you for the suggestion and happy new year!

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Oh hi Aircookie,
a happy new year and many thanks for this amazing peace of software!
No stress with the HUB75 support, the D1 Minis working perfect
with my 32x32 WS2812B matrices and my lamps. As you mentioned,
Px matrices are very cheap and there are new possible applications if
there is a small controller with software. It was just a thought while
tinkering around with new LED ideas.

Many thanks again!

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I just saw this thread, I’ve been working on 2D support in WLED, and HUB75 support through an external ESP32-based device, some details are here and a lot more in the Discord channel that’s linked: