Hyperion Android Grabber

I´m new here with all this WLED stuff.
To get Ambilight features I have a ESP32 with a WS2812b Stripe
My Amlogic based Mecool box is running with CoreELEC and KODI with Hyperion.ng as an addon. Hyperion.ng is connected with udpraw on port 19446 to WLED on ESP32

I´m using a Android based Shield TV as main device in the living room for Netflix/Prime, Kodi etc.
atm I am using the Hyperion Android grabber to get Ambilight here. The Grabber is configured to send the data to the hyperion.ng Server on the Mecool box.

I wonder if it is possible to configure the grabber “talking” directly with WLED.
Or is a hyperion.ng Server always needed ?

Another point is : The Mecool box with hyperion.ng is running 24/7.
So WLED app always saying “live udp from …” . I have to disable “receive UPD realtime”
for other effects than ambilight.
Is there a way to enable ambilight via udraw only if the shield or the Android grabber is active ?

Hi and welcome!

I’m not an expert with Hyperion, but I believe the grabber plugin doesn’t work standalone. The only way it could work is if there is a complete Hyperion.ng version available for the shield (which i don’t think is the case, for example for Windows there is a grabber to but no full Hyperion package)

Not right now unfortunately. It has been requested before though, so I might add these features soon:

  • Option to override the live data in WLED UI manually to use regular effects
  • Automatically ignore the live data if it is just black or doesn’t change for a time period X (as an option, some live data users might want to have the display off for extended times via E1.31.)

Hi, I am using Hyperion.ng on my Odroid N2 with kodi.
The way I do it, is control led device in kodi with hyperion control, so it wont send data to wled when not viewing any series or movies. (or youtube for that matter).
That way hyperion wont even send data and wled stops recieving that way.
As long as you have led device enabled in hyperion.ng it will allways send data.
Even if you arent vieuwing anything or any effects from hyperion.

Just download the github as zip and install it in kodi as zip.
From there you can configure the addon in kodi to disable led device or anything else in hyperion.ng