I can't figure out how to only run a preset for a couple seconds then revert back to previous preset

Hello! Long time user of WLED here. Long story short I created a solid blue preset for all of my lights. I have a pir sensor hooked up and motion triggers the blink rainbow preset i created for preset 2. I only want the blink rainbow to run for a couple seconds then revert back to the solid blue preset. A motion event does turn on the blink rainbow preset and it stays on. I know I could probably use a nightlight function but 1 minute is too long. I also know that this would be easy with home assistant. I was hoping for a stand alone option. This setup is for my local fpv drone racing group. They want a hoop that we fly thru to flash for a couple seconds when a drone flys thru it. The hoop is made out of white pex tubing and has an led strip in it. Thanks for the help.


Look at doing a playlist.

Thank you so much that was it!!! Thank you so much.

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Are you sure the drone will trigger the PIR motion sensor?
Don’t they work on sensing heat which might not be present?
I’m not sure what else might detect a drone if this is the case.


I’ll guess I’ll have to do further testing. The drones do create heat so hopefully it works.

Update! The pir sensor does get tripped by the drone. Works perfectly.

Great news. Good luck with the rest of the project.