I have a few feature requests that I think could be awesome!

With the scrolling text in the new update I think that the method for changing the text could be improved, as well as the communication around how to edit the text.

Additionally I think that the ability to change the background behind the text would be awesome.

Other scrolling text features I would love to see would be the ability to change the font and being able to change the spacing between the letters.

Another feature I think could be really cool is the ability to add 2d art or drawings and the ability to create those in the app.

That would lead into the ability to create pixel art animations and then share or download those with community members.

One issue I am having is sometimes my LED strips are not showing up in the app I am using the 14.1 software on esp8266’s.

I would also love the ability to turn off the LED on the esp8266 when the software is running.

Thanks for all the work you have done on the project!

Most of the above is already available.
Some things can’t be changed due to limited resources, especially on ESP8266.

What do you mean?

Can you point me towards where these features are already available? I couldn’t find them in the app.

What do you mean especially in esp8266? Should I be using an esp32 instead? I need the wifi capability.

Both have WiFi.

Scrolling text can be changed by changing the segment name to what you want.

Background color is supported via UI.

Font size can be changed via slider in UI.

2D art is supported in code now (just enable pixart).

Check signal strength on devices not shown. Also check your router for their assigned IPs.

LED on board cannot be controlled if you are using that GPIO for data. Use the other pin to disable it, or cover the LED.

How do I enable pixart? I know there is something on GitHub but are you talking about in the iOS app there is a setting I can change to do the conversion?

I also would love to see the ability to draw pixel art in the app.

I didn’t see the background color option in the Ui for scrolling text where is that located?

I know the font size can be changed, but the spacing between letters/the font itself cannot be to my knowledge.

I don’t really understand what you’re saying with the led pin being used but I can cover it with tape if I need.

Compile yourself by adding -D WLED_ENABLE_PIXART then head to http://wled.local/pixart.htm

You will need to program that yourself.

Select a background (Bg) color in color selection tab. You can also stack/overlay two segments where top one plays scrolling text. Check the “Overlay” checkmark.

Fonts are monospaced. No way around it.

As @tonyno said, use some other GPIO for LEDs and on-board LED will remain off. Best candidate is GPIO1.

Sounds good! I will try to compile it myself.

I will also check out the other things you mentioned.

I do still think there is a lot of value in having some form of pixel art creator in the app, especially if it allowed for animation.

I can only agree that having a lot of things would add value to WLED. Unfortunately someone has to have the time, incentive and knowledge to program them.

That’s fair, what would it take to integrate a basic pixel art creation html page into the app / website though?

I was thinking something like this: GitHub - rgab1508/PixelCraft: A Pixel Art Editor

Which has an MIT license, that along with the pixart tool could allow users to easily create pixel art in the app.

You are more than welcome to give it a shot.

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