Installer des boutons

Good evening, once again I am going to call on your knowledge. I have a NodeMCU ESP8266 to do a nice little assembly. I have already made good progress thanks to you. I would like to associate control buttons or a remote control on the assembly, but I do not know which pin to use to make my connection.
I’m new to this Wled world. Thanking you in advance. Sincerely.

See KB

Thanks for your response, but I’m the king of dummies.
I have already read these lines but I admit that I do not understand everything. What are the GPIOs that can be used for buttons. I only have 30 pins on my card and I see on certain Tutorials that it uses GPIO 32 or 33. The same goes for operating a remote control. I’m going to overdo it again but a few more explanations will help me. Sincerely.

In addition to the KB info @blazoncek pointed out, you may want to read up on the valid GPIO’s you can use with the 8266’s :8266 pinouts

Spend a little time reading the table in the “Best Pins to Use” section.
Ther are a number of “gothcha’s” to watch for particularly if you tie some pins high or low for your switches/sensors/etc. and then try and reboot the chip…

Note the 8266 has fewer available GPIOs than the ESP32, so you may need to change what some of your tutorials are suggesting.