iOS App (iSHLed for WLED) - Beta Test


I’m currently develop a nice native iOS App for WLED.

You can already add server, manage multiple segments, choose effects, colors, color presets and so on.

If you want to test the app (and give me feedback :wink: ) - here is the testflight invite link:

Here is a screenshot:


Testing it out…

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Now with app based presets :wink:

Thank you for your effort. First of all there is no WLED instance auto discovery. Most of the users can’t find their WLED instances after flashing firmware. So auto discovery will be a big plus.

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Thats a good idea :slight_smile:
Right now, i implemented the feature!

I streamlined the setup process of an new wled-server!

What do you think?

(Will be available via testflight tomorrow)

I will try as soon it’s available.

It’s available now :slight_smile:

Please test it

So right now it also supports the server presets :slight_smile:

Did i missed anything important? Otherwise i will now prepare the app for the real appstore.

Looks nice from what I saw! Thanks for developing.

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I send you few feedbacks. Please review them. Don’t rush with production.

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Do you need more feedbacks or for now it’s enough?

thx a lot. There are many good hints.

I will implement the most of them tomorrow morning.

If you have more - then please add them.

Let see fixes first. I did QA for quite a few apps so maybe could help you too.

Forgive me for my ignorance, but is there a reason your making a totally new app for WLED?

Because i don’t like the existing app. I like nice native apps :slight_smile:

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The fixes for your bugs are there :slight_smile:

  • Automatic WLED instance search is now standard
  • Instance name is taken over directly
  • Light does not turn on “randomly” anymore
  • “Instance” instead of "Server
  • Empty server list now leads directly to settings when pressed
  • UI when editing segments revised

Understandable! I had to ask is all lol. Good job!

I send it to you new one today

yes, it’s already fixed. :slight_smile:

  • Support for dynamic text size
  • Designs changed