IP reset button


Just getting started with a WLED project.

I would like to connect a momentary switch to my pcb which would enable me to reset the ip address in the Wi-Fi settings, is this possible?


Only by custom code.
If you just mean factory reset ESP, then it is built in.

Thanks for the reply, would you know of a tutorial that would help me set up a reset button?

Would it be possible to write custom code to just reset the ip address?


You can write a usermod, samples are included with WLED code. Some commented, some not.

Why would you need to reset IP? Just use DHCP and change reservation on router.

I am planing on making a few drivers. I work in the film industry, once we install the led we would hand the drivers over to the desk operator who would then address them, it would be a lot quicker to reset multiple ip addresses as they would need to change address from film to film.

I am not sure I understand what are you trying to explain.