Ir json commands

Hey guys and gals! for the life of me I can not figure out where to find what the appropriate json code would be for the ir.json to cycle through presets in order. For example I have a music button and would like to cycle through the presets set for the different sr modes. is this possible?

Read the official documentation:
API parts.

I have but no where on there does it say how to cycle presets. Unless I’m over looking it.

You create a playlist now then run that.

But would creating a playlist slide me to click the button and it switch to the next option within the playlist?

I think I pretty well answered this question in the SP511E thread. The SR version for the SP511E still had a bug using bounds with preset cycling. Before Blaz fixed it, it wouldn’t jump to the lower bounds if the current preset was outside of it.

Once the SR 8266 branch gets to where Blazoncek’s fix is included, you modify your ir.json file (either on your computer or using the [node-ip]/edit page) and modify the code for the music + and music - buttons. Let’s say your music presets range from id 15 to 25. The cmd for Music + would be “P1=15&P2=25&PL=~” and Music - would be “P1=15&P2=25&PL=~-” Then to get the music button on the case to cycle through your music presets, you would make another preset. I always put my “macro” presets beginning at 100. If you are using my SP511E presets, 113 would be the next available preset id. So you would make the preset with the same command you put into Music +. Make a preset 114 with the contents of Music -. Once you have done that, go to Time and Macros config page and set Button 2 short press to 113 and long press to 114. Now you can cycle through your music presets with your case button too.

Thank you artacus. I must be missing some I for.ations somewhere because I didn’t see that explained in the other thread at all. Also I do not see anything about your presets. Where might they be listed?

Both on that thread. It IS a long thread. For the preset scrolling issue, I was replying directly to you. But when I got to this tread, I realized you were a little more lost than I had thought so I tried to fill in a little more information. The IR JSON page in the docs has the info you need. Infrared - WLED Project