Preset with set of defined FX's

Hey guys,
quick question. I’m trying to setup a lamp for my daughter, which has a Hardware button. Short press to turn ON/OFF as a preset works nicely.
Now a double press on the button shall change the FX. I added a preset and made it FX=~. Added the preset ID to the button and boom. Works like charm.

Now I dont want to loop through all FX’s but only a set of defined ones. Tried a JSON preset with {"fx":[0,115,91]} but didnt work.
Any suggestion to make this work?
Thanks much.

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I don’t have an answer for you, but a similar question. I’d like to cycle through the presets with PL=~, but I would like to skip the presets that I’m using for macros.

Try playlist


Hey Thorn,
Thanks for your preply. As per playlist docu i would need to add a preset per FX, right? Then i can loop over the presets with the playlist.
Since playlist changes on time with dur tag, I’m wordering how to change this “on Button press” rather than time?
Any idea? Thanks much.

Hir MrMontesa,

I could not get it to run with Playlists - but maybe the macro (Set up a very high Macro Number for this - so I don’t accidently click it.


Assign this Macro to Short button pess Preset under Config → Time & Macros → Macro Presets
With every click you go thorugh your macros - the mocros are defiend in the presets cycle - you would still need to assign certain FX to a preset.

To change the preset values (pain in the …) you need to change the value and set preset cycle - then Config → LED Preferences → Defaults → Mark “Set current preset cycle setting as boot default:” and save - you can then take out the cycle but the number will be saved (hope that makes any sense at all)

Ever get this working? I’m trying to do the exact same thing and am getting twisted up…

Could you tell me more details? Where do you get twisted?

I’m confused about the terminology. I see where I can set presets, but not macros. The ‘Time & Macros’ screen says only that ‘Macros have moved!’ and that ‘presets can be used as macros’. You also mention a ‘preset cycle’, which I can’t find any reference to in the interface. Closest I can find is a playlist, but you mention that wouldn’t work - so I’m guessing that’s something different.

I do appreciate you taking the time to help. It just feels like the interface has changed in later revs and stuff has been moved around and renamed!

I agree that “Favorites” should probably be labeled “Presets”. On the bottom of the favorites page there are options for enabling preset cycle. That is being replaced with playlists in 0.13. Sounds like you are using a beta version.

As for macros, they have been replaced by presets like the documentation says. If you open up a preset or create a new one and uncheck the “use current state” option, you’ll see the API command input. You can put your HTTP or JSON commands there to make your “macros”. Then in the “Time and Macros” page, you specify when to call that preset.