Macros for multiple preset cycles

I’m trying to use 2 physical buttons (working already) to trigger 2 different preset cycles. Button 1 cycles through presets 1-3, button 2 cycles through presets 4-6. I’m using the following setup:

Preset 50 (button 1)

Preset 51 (button 2)

Preset 50 is set as the default on power-up, so preset 1 is always the first to load (and 1-3 are loaded as the preset cycle, I assume).

The issue is that when triggering preset 51, the preset cycle (currently 1-3) appears to have to be cycled through BEFORE preset 51 will ‘take over’. And correctly cycle presets 4-6.

I’m sure this is like overwriting a variable or something, but can’t see a way to do it in the API guide. I have tried modifying preset 51 to:

To manually set to P4 first, but this obviously makes preset 4 active each time, and never cycles with the PL=~.

Thanks for any input!