Is DMX channel mapping not working or is my understanding wrong

I have never used WLED before, but try to use it to control a single DMX fixture. I compiled with with DMX enabled and look at the DMX data on an oscilloscope.
I have configured a single 1 LED segment and configured DMX fixture start at LED0 ( also tried 1)

I configured the DMX channels as follows:
1 - brightness
2 - R
3 - G
4 - B
5 - W
I would expect to be able to control the RGBW channels with the sliders in the GUI, but what I see is the following.

Brightness slider works as expected and controls ch1
The R,G and B slider all affect only CH2 , which seems to me the channel mapping does not work.

Setting channel 3 to either 0 or 255 on the DMX page does work as expected and affects the correct channel.

I did some debugging in the mean time. handleDMX() in dmx.cpp and dmx channel mapping seems ok. It seems that the values obtained here via GetPixelColor() are incorrect. Can this be a misconfiguration somewhere ?

Anyone here who has experience with WLED and DMX ?

Hi! What LED type have you selected in LED settings? You’ll likely want SK6812 RGBW so that all four channels are present for the DMX out. Set the GPIO pin to 1 or 3 (because 2 is used by the DMX output)

Thanks for your reply. Changing the LED setting to SK6812 RGBW indeed did the trick :slight_smile: