Is it possible to flash Wled to this?

Is it possible to flash Wled to this?

I ordered a bunch of them, before finding out about WLed.

if so are there any special steps i should take?

If you find a way inside, then discover what μProcessor is used, you can connect up to the serial programming inputs and reflash - refer to some of the many online resources for that microprocessor. If it’s ESP 8266/8265/32, it should go well.

Also a esp8255.

  • It looks like a Arilux or a Nexlux but more one of the MagicHome devices.

12V -

5V -

Thank you, i haven’t opened one yet, but I have found out they can be flashed with ESPhome so that’s a good sign

What did you end up learning about these? Did you manage to get WLED working on them? Do you know how much flash they have?

Answering my own question. This seems to be the same controller. It has a separate ARM MCU that handles communication with the LEDs. People have bypassed it. The ESP also has limited flash storage.

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