circuit diagram update clarification

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I like the updated circuit with fuses added, some points are not clear due to different standards used for components , could you please clarify the below points :

A) What is the fuse voltage rating? Is it 5V 5A ?
B) What does TYP means? And is this also rated 5V 5A ? could not find it on EasyEDA
C) What is the voltage rating of the capacitor ?I used one rated 16V , does it even matter?
D) What is M/F ?, is it male and female connectors or something else ?

I am not sure if voltage rating is relevant but if someone would like to implement the circuit in the diagram then they would just add component with any voltage rating as long it is above 5V?

Thanks guys

A) Fuse ratings are in Amps, voltage ratings are largely irrelevant for low voltage circuits like these
B) This would be TYPical, meaning you should use a fuse rating suitable for the max current your strip needs, but 5A maximum (implying 5A x 5V= 25W) would often be enough for a strip before the next injection point
C) Capacitor voltage ratings ARE critical. Always use a greater voltage than the circuit will provide. Luckily 16V is a common value for larger types and works fine.
D) M/F is Male/Female connector showng where you can disconnect the strip without unsoldering.

IC’s are often voltage sensitive so you need to use parts that are rated for operation at 5V. Analog components - resistors, fuses, capacitors (with the caveat noted on C) ) are typically fine in the low voltage range of LED strips.

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Thank you for the clear answer , I was looking to get below fuses and they all are marked as 250V so i guess they are fine

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