LED Mapper integration

Hi there, maybe i am a fool but is it true that currently tools like the LED-Mapper from Jason Coon (LED Mapper) are currently not supported?
I had built an WLED installation and tried to visualize as 2D Matrix. But to define the positions for 804 pixel i only found the LED-Mapper useful. Did i missed something or better: does anyone thought about giving the syntax for mapping jsons to Jason?


In reality the led mapper would not be a that great tool because it still use external sheets which you still need to fill by hand . Sure it might simplify it a bit .I can do exactly the same at the moment with a simple formula in the sheets . Once you do that peek or /liveview2D will show you how the effects looks like . But still you are not a fool

thanks for the quick reply. For my 804 LEDs (respectively a matrix of 200x175 pixel) it was more or less easy editing because it created the json automatically afterwards.
Given that i fill the empty pixel with “-1” i have to find a way creating the formula. I guess its too long for Excel, therefore a generator would be easy.
If you have any ideas, youre warmly welcome :slight_smile:
Thank you

No , I do not think your matrix is too long for excel and I just give you the idea to use excel but also made a file template you could try , if you faced error then let me know but sure you would have to make the cells and reference for your 804 leds , which is not hard . Also not sure what are you referring to when saying 200x175 pixel

thanks again, i guess i finished the excel job. and formatted file with the numbered LEDs and the “-1” for the blanks.
mapping2d.zip (2.4 KB)

But if i try to create a matrix of 175x200 which is the size of the whole installation (picture in first post) WLED returns to 1D if i am over 110x70 px.
It looks like WLED can not handle the matrix, or am o wrong?

The theoratical matrix size is 175x200, please see first posts picture. The LEDs are installed as the colored bars.

Do not even dream of using 7700 matrix with wled as you will face endless issues

Split into smaller ones and use xlights which is what i do at the moment

i am afraid you are right, so for this installation 2d Matrix might not be an option :frowning:

interesting, will try it. thank you :slight_smile:

Just use DDP to make it easier

never heard about it but thank you for the hint :slight_smile: