LEDs stop responding partially through strip

I’ve had 4 strips for 600 LEDs total working with effects well indoors for testing. After soldering the first few sections together with about 150 of these lights, it was also working without issue. However, after installing it on the outside of the house, about the last 25 lights aren’t responding. They turn on and stay a very dim orange, but they are not changed by the controller.

Where would my issue be with this? Did I damage something inside the strip itself when installing or is it more likely an issue with the solder job leading to the strip. As this section is at the highest point of my house, I’d rather not pull it down and put it back up more times than I have to.

Measure voltage in the end of the strip.

Or a break / dodgy connection on the fine copper pcb at the first problem led . This is easily done when manoeuvring or twisting while putting the strip up. I always unwind it from the reel as I run along the house hopefully lowering the risk of accidental damage.

I ended up replacing the whole strip section after replacing one led section didn’t result in any change. Then I tested it all when I took it down, and everything was working correctly. I think a bad solder leading into the section resulted in a short or not enough voltage into the line. Thanks for the suggestions.