Sections of led strip stuck

I have setup ws2812b lights around my TV using corner connectors and I’m getting some strange inconsistent issues. some times sections that are not connected directly to the nodemcu will get stuck some times it only the last sections other times its the last 2 sections. When stuck the leds even slightly change colors before getting stuck and i can’t change them without resetting unpluging the PSU once i unplug and re plug in the PSU everything is back to normal. but other times everything seems to work beautifully. So i think there are 3 places that this issue could be just curious if any of you to give advice on where to start thank you :slight_smile:

1.) i need to do power injection at the end of the strip?
2.) the corner connectors are causing the data line issues?
3.) I am using a jumper cable from the d4\gpio18 pin?


My bet is bad data connection at corner. I’d either try another connector or solder it.

It seems to be working fine now that i soldered wires directly instead of using the “easy” corner connectors