Load preset on power up

Allow for selecting a preset index to load when to power is switched on.

I use wled to control strips as under cabinet lighting.
By default these will run the Spots effect.

To reduce risk of fire (and reduce power consumption) the power supplies are switched off when not required. When powered on, wled shows the default orang-ish solid, which is changed to the spots preset when the presence detection in Home Assistant kicks in.
I would like wled to have a setting that allows to load a preset by default on boot.

Would anyone else like to see this added as a feature?

I notice a reference to bootpreset in the code, is what I described already possible? Where/how?

Create your preset, save it and go to LED settings. Set number of your preset here

Hmm… strange thing just happened. Despite being on 0.12.0, that option was not available to me.
Reflashing the ESP32 with the latest build did made it available. :exploding_head:

Apologies for wasting your time…