Looking to make a chasing rgb controller with analog input

i have a drc knob on my audio system that changes color based on which tune i have selected in the dsp amplifier. so for a driver seat tune it’s red, two seat tune it’s blue and i can have up to 6 tunes all with their own selectable color to identify which tune i’m on. i decoded the pinout and used an rgb amplifier to get a 12v signal to my rgb strips. i want to replace them with chaser rgb strips throughout my entire car. right now they light up the clear acrylic rings around each of my front speakers, acrylic spacers under my amplifiers and a couple small accent lights which i’m not super worried about. the problem i keep running into is it looks like every chaser controller uses a remote or bluetooth app to control them. i need a controller i can run my rgb wires into to activate what color the chasers are. this is automotive audio use so it’ll have to be 12v as well. i can send photos if needed and any help is greatly appreciated. thanks