MAC friendly wled app

is there a Mac friendly wLed app that I can uses or do I have to get window friendly computer

You should be able to connect with a Firefox or Chrome browser.
I think Safari may work as well, I just can’t test it as I don’t have a Mac.

First time connection before you set the WiFi info may be a little tricky as the internal AP at address is Http only and modern Macs may complain about the lack of encryption when you try to link into the AP.

There’s this: GitHub - satrik/wledQuickControl: macOS (>11.0) Menu Bar App for WLED and this: GitHub - WoodyLetsCode/WLED-GUI: Cross-platform desktop app for WLED and this: GitHub - YeonV/wled-manager

But you can only use browser and access all features of WLED.

I had difficulties with Mac Final Cut Pro and Chrome. Chrome had been recommended for web based WLED installs. I removed Chrome and installed Microsoft Edge. FCP seems happier and web installs of WLED seem to work fine with Edge.