Make LED bulbs act like a strip

Hi I am a little new to WLED. I am using Anthom bulbs flashed with WLED (13.3) and looking to treat 5 bulbs as a strip of LED’s. The bulbs are my outside lights. It sounds like I should be using an ESP32 and DDP network? But, I am struggling to find a good tutorial on how to set everything up using DDP.

So far I have found the below thread and video. The video shows what my goal is but it looks like this guy is doing things in home assistant too. I would like to run this off the bulbs them selves or possibly a d1 mini (I have one) or an ESP32 (would have to purchase). Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or documentation on how to use DDP in WLED?



Unless I’m missing something, the discussion on that thread looks quite definitive to me. I’ve just setup and tested a DDP configuration (for the first time) of multiple WiFi bulbs – albeit using DIY ESP8266 WiFi bulbs rather than athom bulbs; each bulb with a unique IP address; each bulb getting treated as an individual addressable LED of the same strip.

Where exactly are you getting lost? IP config? Led output config? Segments config?