Athom Pre-flashed WLED GU10 Bulbs

Has anyone tried these ?
How would they work, I assume just with the WLED analog option ?

I assume so too.
Cool to see these pop up, they are also available in E27 and B22!
Ordered one to give it a try.

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Bit of a long shot but If I get 8 of these, would it be possible to have each bulb as a pixel ?

That way, WLED could treat it as a 8 pixel digital string and apply the effects that are used for digital strips ?

Probably not easy or possible due to speed of WIFI ?

Most likely yes! You just need a “master” ESP32 running 0.13.0-b4 with 8 of the new DDP network busses :slight_smile:

Cool, not seen that new feature. I’ll order some and see if I can get it going

Tnx, very interesting.

So got the bulbs and work fine as RGBWC analog bulbs.
Tried them with an 8266 controller but can only add 3 DDP LEDs ?

No, you set that up on another ESP32 as noted above.

Also, forgot to mention I got mine and all was well with flashing.

Yes it is on a separate NodeMCU, its an 8266, does it have to be ESP32 ?

Yes it has to be an ESP32 - just tried and can add more than 3 DDP nodes


More info after a bit of testing with 8 of these

The bulbs work great using DDP, each bulb is working as an LED in a ‘strip’ and most effects work as expected and look great.

Only problem I have is I was going to use these as my white spots in my garden and have colour effects when needed. As DDP is only RGB, the white is not very bright.

Is there an easy way to toggle between DDP control from a master to a simple synced set of bulbs ?

I’m using Home Assistant so would be great to have a toggle switch there to swap between the two.

Using the bulbs in pure RGBCW mode, they do work great with some effects as analogue devices.

Another note - the white temperature is not synced ?

We have asked the DDP creator to add RGBW(CCT).

Are your bulbs a single white or CCT?

Hi! Sorry, can you please say what flashing was needed? Those bulbs are preflashed with wled as I understand, so just asking if you don’t mind.

Mine came from the US warehouse, so only came with Tasmota.

I see. Tnx for the info. May I ask what binary haw you used to flash them?

They are CCT

I first flashed Tasmota minimal, then a gz version of 0.13-B5 for SP501e.

OK. FYI, I’m running the CCT branch and it works well, except for syncing… for now. :wink:

Oh, that’s promising, would I need to build the .bin myself to try that or is there a binary to download ?


@srg74 creates most all bins!

I’ve managed to compile it and flash it but there doesn’t seem to be any difference ?
Should this say DDP RGBW ?

Do I need to flash all the bulbs as well ?