Athom 15W RGBCCT bulb

I’ve been playing with this bulb flashing it with different firmwares.

It is a nice bulb and very easy to take a part to have access to the TX/RX pins.

I flashed it with the WLED 0.13.0-b6 and configured to RGB+CCT.

I found that the CCT portion of the bulb is not working correctly and found that the pins for WW and CW are in fact to control Brightness and CT instead. So WLED is changing the Brightness when it should control the WW leds and changing the CT when it should control the CW.

Is there any setting that i’m not configuring correclty or WLED does not work with a Brightness and CT setup?

There is special build environment for Athom bulbs. Check platformio.ini

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

@blazoncekI tried compiling with default_envs = athom7w but the behavior is the same.

The following table indicates what the WLED is providing and what the Bulb should be receiving.

GPIO Pinout

Pin WLED AthomBulb
GPIO13 Warm White CT Output
GPIO5 Cold Wihte CT Brightness Output
GPIO4 Red Output Red Output
GPIO12 Green Output Green Output
GPIO14 Blue Output Blue Output

Do I need to change something else in the firmware?

Compile with -D WLED_USE_IC_CCT

Thanks! that made it work

blazoncek to the rescue , good thing you fixed it , this light looks nice but isn’t a bit pricey for one light vs led string . I am asking and not criticizing because I also got the Hue stuff but now I want everything to be LEDs . Might be I should not rush .

@ALDIY Yeah! He knew exactly what to do.

I don’t think they are expensive. At $15 per bulb, compared to Hue, it is very cheap.
It is hard to compare a bulb against a string, they are for completely different purposes. For example, bulbs are more adequate for ambient lighting and strings are more intended for accent lighting. You still can use both for ambient, task and accent lighting but it is not optimal.

Yeah, don’t rush. I made that mistake when I started in the home automation hobby and now I have a bunch of bulbs, strings and controllers that I’m not going to use. My strategy now is to get a bulb, install it in an area that I can use it often and evaluate if it meets my needs in the long run.

So far the WIZ bulbs are the ones that fit best to my needs. The backdraw that I found is that you can’t control the transition time other than the fade in and out from their app. Other than that they work great with Home Assistant, the colors are accurate enough, they are bright and cheap!.

Thanks for the info , Two days ago I ordered 5 more ws2812b strips . I am sorry i could not help it