Athom Pre-flashed WLED GU10 Bulbs

Rob on YT’s The Hook Up just released a new 10 min video on these pre-flashed Athom devices and quick processes to update and integrate WLED for the bulbs. Might save a minute or two. Note, you may want to slow down the video playback speed while reviewing the section important to you and your devices.

As mentioned above, DDP is only RGB for now.

Sorry, I thought you meant this branch is for RGBW DDP with CCT capabilities

The standard b4 that came preloaded onto the bulb works with CCT and sync ok for me, has white temperature slider in each bulb

The GPIO config as supplied with the bulbs


Word of warning, don’t update with the standard b5 .bin, it needs a 2M 8266 one. I spoke to athom and they emailed me the bin for b4 as unfortunately I have bricked one bulb trying to update to b5. They have sent me the pin out so I’m going to try and manually flash the b4 .bin they sent.

I pointed that out above when I mentioned the SP501e. :wink:

Where did you get this? This is not yet official and is still in the review phase.
If you have any feedback I would be grateful.

Sorry, where did I get what ?

Got ya, still lots learn…

This feature (CCT) is not yet officially released.

Its in b4 and b5

Be sure that I will know when my code is included in official release. :wink:
You may be using builds from yet-to-be-released branches or my fork.