Matrix with asymmetric spacing (holes, omitted parts)..any advice?

Edit: I am guessing the correct method is with the mapping in the ESP Editor, and I am really trying to wrap my poor head around it, hoping that “Use -1 in the map for gaps/blank/nul LEDs” is what I am searching for. But I am completely unskilled at any of this and have not figured out how to call upon the mapping from presets, not even sure I am on the right path. Trying a bunch of things… woop!

Hi all. I’m at the end of a project and also at the end of my wits, and I need a bit of help figuring this out.
I have built an array consisting of addressable single-LED PCBs, 13 columns by 24 rows. The start pixel is at bottom right corner, going up the first column, then down the next and so on in a serpentine arrangement. But I have some large areas in this array that don’t have LEDs, yet would like the whole arrangement to still function as one 2D array…

Is there any simple way of mapping the omitted parts?

I am just about to put in blacked-out LEDs to even the column LED count to get this to work, but I am certain I’m just being stupid, and that there is a much better solution.

Here is a simple drawing of it, if that makes it more clear… The green squares represent the LEDs present, the red ones represent omitted positions:


Use latest 0.14.0-b2 and upload ledgap.json consisting of:


Fill 1’s where green is and -1 where red is.

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