Max lenght data

Hello, What was the maximum length that I can have so that there is no data loss using an esp32 and a ws2815 led strip?

Short answer - it depends.

Longer - it depends on what you’re using to drive the LEDs, what kind of wiring, what kind of LEDs, your layout, etc, etc,etc.
Typical designs say:

  1. Use proper power wiring and proper data wiring (they’re not he same).
  2. Use a levelshifter to make sure the data is 5V
  3. Keep the data line < 3m(?)

You can try and build a setup that doesn’t follow any of those suggestions and it may be fine.
But that’s not the way to bet if you want a reliable setup.

There are all kinds of ways to improve on item (3), and they depend on what you’re trying to do.
I’d suggest you draw out what you’re planning and we might be able to give you suggestions on making it reliable.