Total length of led strips

I own sk6912 rgbw strips
Have these as one piece of 12 meters. Have previously operated these via another led control system in one piece. Now I have switched to wled and unfortunately can not address the entire length via my controller. The lege I can set a maximum of 650, as soon as I set it higher it no longer works and the memory of 4000B is almost full on 3300b. How can I fix this problem with? Thank you for your efforts in. In advance

I’m guessing you’re using an ESP8266 based controller.
That device has limited memory and will max out very quickly.
You can use multiple controllers sync’d together or (preferably) graduate to an ESP32 based device which will have vastly greater memory (and LED) capacity.

You can checkout the KB:Multi Strip Support for more details.


I am using a athom LS-4P Controler.
Dont know if it’s the same you wrote.
I will check.

I will a easy to use Controler :grin:

How long can you make a LED-strip before data-transfer becomes an issue. Assuming that the ESP-board can operate the amount of pixels.

The limit is not based on data, unless you mean the length of the data wire between the ESP and the start of the strip.

Was thinking if the actual strip looses data along the way

Nope. Each LED amplifies the signal.

Thank you! Now I don’t need to worry about that anymore :sweat_smile: