Missing GIF's in Segments section of kno.wled.ge?

Is it just me or are the lovely example GIF’s missing from the Features->Segments->LED Output section in the docs?

I see the sets in the Effects section, but the Segments section is blank.
Tried both Firefox and Chrome.
I always found the visual examples very helpful to figuring out what the terminology actually intended…

They have been enhanced and moved. Don’t know where exactly.

Ooooh it’s a secret… :astonished:

Oh! Sorry I misread your original post.
I was talking about effect animations which were recently enhanced.
The images you are talking about have most likely disappeared durig the transition from GH Wiki to MkDocs.
It is worth pinging @Aircoookie .

Fixed, thank you for reporting that there was a problem :slight_smile: The /blob links were used, which link to the GitHub UI, rather than the /raw links, which link directly to the image files.

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Yaaay, the pretty pictures are back!
I always found those images very helpful in getting my head wrapped around the terminology

As always, excellent work :+1: :sunglasses: