My first 720 led project

Current Project 720 led 5v 5 metres
LED WS2812B 5volt
Length 5 Meter
LEDS 720
0.06 × 720 =43.2 amp
43.2 ×5= 216 wattage needed
Controller LS4P-WLED
Psu 5V 60A 300W Power Supply 110V / 220V AC to DC 5V 60amp
Fuse 10AWG 50 amp

Will the psu kill the Controller as amps higher than 18 ? As going to power the other end of Leds ? Any feedback will be great

Your setup will not “kill the controller” because of the strip drawing too much current.

What may happen is the screw terminals that controller has added for power connections may not handle the load being supplied to the LEDs and they melt (or worse).

Now before you say “but that kills the controller…” understand the point I’m trying to make here.
The controller’s real job is to use WLED to create data that can drive a strip.
In order for the strip to light up when fed that data, you need to supply a good source of 5V power.
The connections needed for those two tasks are very different.

Data needs to be fed (along with ground) to the Data In pin on your strip.

Power needs to come from a solid PSU and be fed at enough injection points to make sure clean power is available all along the strip.

How you hookup those injection wires to your PSU is up to you.
In the case of the LS4P-WLED, they’ve tried to make it easier with screw terminals on the controller board. Unfortunately that’s of limited use once you get beyond 80W of LED power.

The controller is fine for generating data.
Just do yourself a favour and work out your own power connections.

Thank you for info. I really dont want things melting is there another controller better suited for the job?

As I said, the controller is not the issue.
With the number of LED’s you want to drive you’ll need to come up with a some kind of terminal strip or even just wiring all your injection points directly to the PSU.
There is no need for your power connections to go “through” the controller.
The controller is needed to create data for the LEDs.
The power supply provides power for the LEDs.
Different wiring is needed for both those devices and they don’t need to be combined in one place.

Easier if you post here so everyone can benefit.
Lots of good information is spread to all that way.

Don’t worry if this seems daunting, the principles are pretty basic electricity.
If you look around this forum, you’ll find many examples of projects and how they’ve progressed.

Ok here is a mock up without the cables and is editable
The link take you to Lucid Chart which will need to create a account to edit it. Once in all my components are there and just need connects drawn between.

WLED | Lucidchart

That needs an account. Post a picture. :wink:

interested to see how you do it and what you use im trying to power 1400leds on a esp32 board and two 60a power supply’s but having no luck

Wait a minute -

You show your WS2812B strip as having 4 connections V+, B, R, and G.
If that’s true them your strip is very likely NOT WS2812B based, but analogue RGB.

That means you won’t be able to change individual pixels, just the whole strip at the same time.

VERY misleading product description.
Depending on what you choose in the pull down list it shows a pic that looks like you’ll get an addressable strip.
Yet the very 1st photo clearly shows an analogue strip being cut.
If you’ve got the one with +RGB pins, I’d send it back.

The price on those seems too good to be true (probably is).

Definitely i should get monday hopefully and will update u