Need advice on indoor project

I bought the following for an indoor office xlights project .

  1. eight BTF-Lighting 24v FCOB 720 LED 5m strips
  2. six soldered ESP32 WT32-ETH01 Wireless Module Boards

The office is 125 by 135 by 96 inches and is fully wired with 1/10g ethernet switches, so I wish to control the strips over ethernet via xLights.

Ive determined there are 6 groups - each group consists of two chained 5m 720 led strips attached to one ESP32 WT32-ETH01 controller, which communicates with xLights through WLED.

Am I doing this correctly?

If so, how do I power this setup without any issues - which 24v power supply wattage should I purchase? Any other components?