Need Help find these specific type

Hello there,

I’m looking for addressable string lights, similar to the Pixel Bullets: but I want it smaller.

Looking for strings similar to this but addressable:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anywhere in particular as Addressable ones.
They appear only available as a solid color string, or multicolor string which has again just fixed colors.

Does anyone have information on where to purchase these?
If you know of multiple sources, that would be greatly appreciated!

These are likely your only option for that look: EVO Pixels – Mattos Designs LLC However they are still 12mm pixels like the bullets. They are currently out of stock.

Your other option would be to look at Seed/Pebble pixels that are much smaller like fairy lights. For those you can check many places: Wally’s Lights, Your Pixel Store, Mattos Designs…

Well these "EVO Pixels – Mattos Designs LLC* are looking quite promising.

But 12mm diameter might be a little to big still :pensive:

Those the one i tested and they are addressable Pixel Bullets:
They are here in action Discord

Sorry for providing wrong Informations, I did not checked my post and I realized that I wrote “I’m looking for Pixel Bullets” instead of not Like Pixel Bullets but smaller .


The only thing smaller are the Seed/Pebble pixels.

unfortunately there are no other ones. @Jinx is right with that point

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