Off refresh doesn't work but zero brightness does


I’ve recently updated my ESP8266/WS281x to WLED 0.13.0-b5 and was hoping that it cures the noise on my data line in “off”-state.
Prior to this I had to turn brightness to 0 instead of switching it off in order to avoid random flicker.

Although I have activated the new option “Off refresh”, the LEDs begin to show random colors when switched off.

Am I missing something or isn’t this option supposed to do exactly what I did before?

According to the source, it should call the strip.service constantly but it seems that this won’t happen…

Thanks for any hints!

Sounds like a hardware issue. Check grounds, add a level shifter or sacrificial pixel.

Did that already. Level shifter and capacitor did not work. Guess I forgot to use a twisted pair cable. Relay usage is also quite difficult in my situation.

Therefore it only stays off if I use a 0 brightness. I was hoping that the “off refresh” option lets me use the regular control logic but it seems to do nothing :frowning:

Hi! I found a bug in the off refresh code a few days ago, which likely caused off refresh to not work on ESP8266. If you build latest master, it should work (or try the binary provided by Serg74: WLED-wemos-shield/esp8266_no_mods.bin at master · srg74/WLED-wemos-shield · GitHub )


Great! Will try and report back…

UPDATE: Works like a charm. Thanks!

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