WS821x LED not working


this is my first touch with WLED. I have a controller board with ESP8266. Flashing everything was OK, I can connect to wled UI. I have connected LED strip (WS8211 12V - 1m around 60 LEDs) to 12V and GND and the DATA to GPIO4 (directly to ESP8266 GPIO4). Only 3 LEDS are always on, and sometimes I can change the colors and brightness. After a while I’m not able to change the colors and brightness. The 3 LED are always on and no changes. I have soup the LEDs to 60 pcs. but no changes. Is there any other setup necessary?

Make sure you have both a data and ground connection from the ESP8266 to the strip.
What kind of controller board are you using?

Can you post any pics of your setup?

GND is connected to my controller and LED strip. I have now connected a WS2812B (5V) strip and everything is working fine.
I have read something, that for the WS2811 a level shifter could be necessary, is this true? Maybe this is the problem.

Certainly worth a try, the KB has some good info on level shifters (don’t get the cheap I2C type, too slow).

Shifters are usually required as the ESP uses 3.3v for data and strips 5v. :wink: