LED strip not lighting

Hello, I have an ESP8266, everything is correctly connected but the LED strip won’t light. Does anyone have suggestions to fix this ?
Thank you

Try posting a picture and/or schematic of what you’ve wired together and how you did it.

Can you reach WLED via a browser?

Yes, I can reach WLED via a browser

Since you can reach WLED, make sure you’ve configured the correct output GPIO pin for your LED data.
You could also try changing to different GPIO.
With 12V LED’s it’s possible you’ll need a level shifter to bring the MCU data output up to the 5V level required for the LEDs.

I hope you’ve actually got 12V LED’s and not the 5V you posted in your picture.
If you hook up 12V to a 5V strip your going to need a new strip - it’s done.

The MCU in your diagram looks like an ESP32, not ESP8266 as you referenced earlier?

My LEDs are in 12V it’s just that I didn’t find the 12V strip on frtizing. And and I am using an ESP8266.
I will try to change the GPIO

You shuld check with a oscilloscope the serial data output to the LED strip.
Is it possible that 3V3 LVTTL signal are too low for 12V led input buffer