Noob trying to get ws2812b work with esp32 or Esp8266

I have been trying to get 1m long 30Leds strip since 2 hrs but I am missing something or I just burnt it. I flashed and configured my Nodemcu ESP8266 module with WLED when i connected the strip to it it lit up for the first time (flashing lil bit) then I changed the GPIO pins (in wled and the circuit ) assuming it was going to fix it, But this time it didnt even turn on, i tried to reset, change back the pins, even flashed ESP32 wled same issue it doesn’t turn on. I just notice a yellow blink when i unplug the 5V led power source and same faint blink when i plug it in.
Circuit details
powering ESP from USB
D4 pin to Din on the led
powering Led strip from 5v source (merged the ground)

Sorry if I am missing info this is just my second project.

D4 on 8266 is gpio 2, Sure 2 was set in WLED config?
What pin did you try on esp32?
How far is the strip from the controller?
How do you have it connected? (bread board jumpers/soldered…?)
Are you sure you are connected to the input side of the strip?
Check the strip with a multimeter to see if you have 5v.

1)Yep, i made sure i connected to the right gpio
2) I tried Gpio 2 and 4
3/4)its not at all far i am using few jumper wires and a breadboard to check the circuit first.
4)i connected it in such a way that its parallel to the arrow printed on to it ( The strip had 5v across ground and +5V

I will upload an recreation of the circuit, the actual picture looks like an half built birds nest due to the jumper wires

Breadboard/jumper/dupont wire setups are notorious for bad and intermittent connections.

Try completely different wires and different breadboard points.
Consider wiring power directly to the strip instead of through the breadboard.

Your setup is not particularly complicated and should be pretty cut and dried.

If you can’t eliminate using that sort of setup at the very least try to eliminate using the breadboard and just use the jumpers. Not a great situation but better than with the breadboard.