"Off Refresh" only after Bootup

I have a strange issue that causes the first LED in my strip to turn on bright white after a power dip. I can normally fix this by just turning the strip on and back off, however I may not notice this overnight and my particular LED strips are in every window of my house, including my roommates windows.

I could use the Off Refresh feature, but that then turns on the blue indicator which normally turns off when the strip is off.

I don’t know if this is something which many other people experience, so I don’t know if it would get traction, but I think that having a setting for an Off Refresh for 1-5 seconds after boot up would make this issue go away.

Any thoughts?

When you say:

Are you implying you have multiple controllers, one per window and they all exhibit the same power up behaviour?
What controller(s) are you using and how are they powered?
What version of WLED are you running?
What GPIO are you using for the data output?
What happens if you create a simple preset with all LEDs off and set that as the startup preset?

Yes, I have multiple controllers, one per window. They do exhibit the same power up behavior, but only when there is a power glitch. Simply unplugging them and plugging them back in does not cause the issue.

I am using D1 Mini - ESP8266. Some are powered by USB directly to the board (if it is a single light strip), and others have a USB breakout board where I power the strip and the board in parallel. I have seen this issue occur in both types of hardware configurations.

I am running the latest version, 0.13.3.

Data output is pin D4/GPIO2.

I will set them all up with your suggestion of an Off preset on startup and see if the issue ever occurs again. I did try this just now with one of my setups and toggled power with a light switch. It behaved appropriately, but I as I said above, I haven’t been able to replicate the issue by simply removing and applying power again. Should I set this as the solution unless I run into the issue again?

My guess would be a “fast glitch” getting through the power supply and not properly resetting the Mini’s

The dead away (IMO) is that you can’t replicate this with unplug/plug on the power supply.

Can you supply directly via the 5V input rather than USB?
USB supplies often are problematic especially if you’re drawing near their limits.
Lots of 5V - 3A wall warts out there.