Organization of lighting in the car

Good day, friends!
I want to organize the illumination of the zones of the legs and doors with the help of the WLED project.
The algorithm of operation is as follows: when the parking lights are turned on, the color indicated by me in the doors and legs (let’s say red) lights up. When a certain door is opened (for example, on the left front door), the red color smoothly turns into white in the front left, and so on in other cases. Accordingly, if there is no parking light, only white color is lit (possibly with reference to time)

I did a project on Arduino for a very long time, I will provide a diagram below. It turned out to organize this effect the way I wanted on the WS2812 diodes. Now I want to switch to SK6812 because of the natural white color + I want to change the color in the cabin through the radio.

Arduino Project:

There was a project for Motorcycle turn switches that had criteria like this.
If you search the forum you should find it.

In general you’ll probably want playlists that create the light sequences you need.
You trigger them via switches attached to GPIO pins.

As always, the devil’s in the details :wink:

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Thank you friend, really helped with my problem, I will study my problem further! :upside_down_face: