Inside Garage Door > Wiring Options?

I’m planning out using WLED to drive 2835 LED strips that are mounted don the inside of the garage doors. I plan on HAOS automating them dimming up as the garage door is opening; hitting 100% once the door is fully open.

But, I’m wondering how to go about wiring the LED strips on the garage door as the door moves (duh).

Are there any solutions that others have used in situations like this?

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For wiring, maybe something like a drag chain like used on CNC’s?

why dont you just use 1meter 2 USD of WS2812b and on the color it showes the opening from RED Rainbow to Green
the sensor woudt be a ultrasonic distance Reversed so max distance is red and min distance is green the
accuracy of 1cm at 3meter distance shoudt be good this sensors are very low cost

That’s another project for a bit later on. Just using laser parking markers for now.

This project is for illuminating the garage area. Since I need to power the LEDs on the door, and the door moves. I’m trying to figure out the best way to run the power to the strips without having wires dangling about.

The drag chain is, so far, the best option. I’ll have to look into how I might be able to print them off; if I can find a 3d print of it. Or I could try and model one out myself. It’s all down to how much time were willing to spend on our “hobby” lol.

is it a fixed Wingdoor or a rolling one
best to use a simple wirerchain like in idustrial machines looks very cool

what type of lights are you using

and as only the garage is to iluminate WHY then mounting on the door???

They are your typical roll-up sectional garage doors. As for which lights, I’m mounting LED strips in diffuser channels. They are going on the inside of the garage door so that when the door is open, it lights up the parking spaces making it easier to park in at night. Lights mounted in/on the ceiling would be blocked by the garage door when it’s open.

I saw another YT video do this, that’s where I got the idea from. Besides, it’s a fun project for me to put together and it’s pretty unique. I’ve seen much worse/odd mancave projects across the net in my time!

The 3d printed wirechain approach is probably where I am going.