Pixel pro v4

Hey everyone, new to the crew. Just got the pixel pro v4. I was wondering if there are any guides to follow. I’m new to all this. Pardon my ignorance. My main goal is to run 5 led strips that react to sound. Any advise or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!


Search for the sound-reactive WLED-based branch. The people working on that also suggest hardware that can make it work. It’s a quick search and the process of searching will help you reduce your ignorance and make you more self sufficient :smiley:

Hey Scheeeer,
I just got a pixel pro (with zero user docs) . I want to flash a newer version of WLED but have no idea how to do it on this custom ESP32 chip. Cant get any response from DrZZ either… Please let me know if you discover any Pixel Pro info.

Hey man, I’m not exactly sure how to. Every board I’ve bought already had WLED flashed on it. You might be able to just update it through the WLED portal. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


The ESP32 on the PixelPro is the same as on other boards :slight_smile:
You can easily update to a newer build, either by uploading an ESP32 binary with the Manual OTA update button in Security settings (if the board still has a working WLED version installed)
or alternatively, by connecting it to a PC and using https://install.wled.me to reinstall WLED.