Rough two days with a CH340C

Well I accidently ordered a pair of CH340C ESP’s and I usually get the CP2102 my mistake for not reading and hoping on a deal. Well here’s the deal. I can flash wled audio just fine, get all the main settings done and it runs fine until I unplug it or reboot. I’ve gone in to Arduino IDE and done the esptool bootlader and I’ve gotten it to start to act better.
I noticed if I use the normal D2 gpio for the LED’s the D2 led indication light flickers so D4 works fine. When I go to the WLED app it show offline but if I click it it’ll eventually come online.
Bad ESP possibly or is the ESP2-WROOM-32D CH340C not the best choice for WLED? My normal ESP32-WROOM-32 have never given me this kind of issue.

Thanks for any advice

Serial converter type does not matter, I have used plenty of CH340C-based boards with no issue.

ient it more likly you picked a coustom mode ESP32 as there are now so many versions on the market THE Coders seams to cand keep up as everyone likes his own boadsetup pinout and powerconumption

I’m learning this so now I double check and usually order from the same company. I must’ve tickled it just right because it’s functioning fine now. Kind of odd how it didn’t want to take then it did.

Sometimes MAGIC Happesns!!

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