CH340G vs CP2102

I have two different ESP8266 boards. I have the one with the CH340G USB working but I am now trying to get the one with the CP2102 working and struggling. When I have pin D4 hooked to the signal for the LED strip, I cannot flash the firmware but if I disconnect that wire I can flash, setup wifi and access the model from the app. At that point when I reconnect to D4 I cannot get anything to turn on. Any ideas? I tried with and without a line level shifter.

Maybe try a pull-up resistor on D4.

220 ohm between D4 and LED strip?

Tried a 220 and two 220 and no success. Also tried another board and exact same results

Never mind. Solved my issue. I did not realize the signal wire had to connect at a specific end of the strip

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Glad you found it. FYI, I meant between the data pin and 3.3V.