Power Supply Noise

OK I know this isn’t strictly a WLED problem, but it is related.

I just setup a WLED 12V string of lights for a friend using a GLEDOPTO ESP32 WLED Controller, lights all work fine but when they switch the lights of using the WLED app the power supply starts making noises.

This is the second power supply, both different and I’m at a loss to work out what is going on.

I sent them the second one and they swapped it over, I don’t think there is anything that they could have done wrong considering the lights are actually working.

My plan right now is to order an LED driver instead of the usual power supply and see if that fixes it, but would love to know what is going on.

I would think about buying better power supplies like: Mean Well. The noise may be capacitor whine and is common with cheap parts.

Thanks will try looking for better supplies.

what is the powerconsuption what voltige is pulled and are there incetions within between stripes
there may be a melfunction on a led tht does give you some indepences and therfor the condensators ar going to die very soon
mesher the omic values between the stripes on Plus to GND if there is a failue somwhere

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Yeah… Sounds quite right.

Seems you experience unwanted noises from your PS, I had it once and Switched it immediately because under Low load conditions it was noisy as hell.

I would not recommend the Cheap ones, I had not much of a good experience with them